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All of our workshops, festivals, events flourish when singers in the community participate — not only by singing, but also by adding their expertise to a given project. Each event (concert, open-sing, festival, reading session) has its own set of organizing needs. For example, here are some basic needs for almost every event:

  • Publicity: working with local media, forwarding email announcements and/or calling singers, coordinating printing of concert programs, communication laison with a specific local choir, etc.
  • Helping on the day of an event (selling tickets, ushering, coordinating backstage refreshments, helping set up the concert space)
  • Assisting with hosting a visiting ensemble, composer or guest conductor.
  • Coordinating musical score packets for a sing-in, reading session or other event.
  • Assisting musically (accompanist for sectionals)

If you are interested in helping with any of these needs, or have experience in another area, please feel free to contact us.

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